Okdo All to Html Converter

Okdo All to Html Converter 5.8

Convert all kinds of documents and web page links into HTML files in batches

If in search of a simple way to transform a wide range of text- and image-based documents into HTML, Okdo All to Html Converter is a serious option to consider. The program supports all Office file formats (from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), all the most common image file formats (JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, etc.), and others such as PDF, RTF, and TXT. It can also extract links from web pages and save the destinations as HTML files.

Okdo All to Html Converter can transform any number of files, in any number of supported formats, into HTML files in one single operation. To perform these bulk document conversions in the simplest and most convenient way, the program offers an interface that is both functional and extremely easy to work with. As said, you can add to the conversion list in the main interface as many source files as needed – loading entire folders is also a possibility – regardless of their location and their format. You can then complete the list with a URL of your choice – the program will extract all the links in that page and will add the corresponding HTML pages to the output. Actually, what the program does here is to convert all documents and images on the list into HMTL and “extract” all the HTML files referred to by the links in the URL provided. You can define the depth of that search by selecting the level – level -1 will extract all page links in the source web page.

What makes this simple conversion tool stand out from most of its competitors is certainly its multi-lingual OCR engine. This feature is mainly used to convert scanned PDFs into HTML, which would otherwise produce a file made up of pictures representing the original pages. Thanks to the OCR engine, the program can extract the text from the scanned PDF and turn it into a readable and searchable HTML file, preserving the original layout in the process.

Okdo All to Html Converter offers but a set of basic parameters when it comes to the output files, which may make the layout of the resulting HTMLs a bit unpredictable at times. Other than that, this conversion tool is an excellent add-on for anyone requiring fast bulk HTML conversions from the most common text and image file formats. If only for its PDF-via-OCR conversion to HTML, this is a tool worth giving a try.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes an OCR engine
  • Accepts entire folders for the input
  • Extract links from web pages and saves the content to HTML
  • Supports encrypted PDF


  • Does not offer advanced settings for the HTML output
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